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Zelda Exchange

The Legend of Zelda Gift Exchange

The Zelda Exchange
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The Legend of Zelda gift exchange community
Give goodies and receive goodies from fellow Legend of Zelda fans. This is a multimedia gift exchange community. You must join if you want to participate, but if you don't want to participate but still want to see all the goodies, you are more than welcome to join/watch. You do not need to join to comment on the gifts.

Introduction to the Exchange | Rules and Guidelines | FAQ | Forms | Group @ DA

The idea of forming an exchage community was inspired by other fandom exchanges, including artoftenipuri and ff_exchange. ALttP pixels from Iron Knuckle at Zelda Legends and modified by cyen because she's too lazy to make her own.

gyakusai_swap A Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney fanfic and fanart gift exchange
zelda_awards A Zelda icon contest community
zelda_anthology A doujinshi circle for the making of a Zelda fan anthology

Please contact cyen if you have a community that you want to affiliate with us.